Product Lines

Adorn your table with Sardaformaggi specialties, a guarantee in high quality, even for the finest of palates.

Mild Cheeses

Soft, white pecorino table cheeses with a sweet and mild taste. The excellence of the Sardinian cheese-making tradition served on your table.

Semi-Aged Cheeses

Made only with ewe’s milk, these products are white or straw-coloured and have a subtle savoury taste that is sweet and at the same time appetizing.

Aged Cheeses

Firm cheeses with an intense, slightly sharp flavor, naturally aged at 700 meters of altitude in a cheese factory located in the mountains.

Specialty Cheeses

Select ingredients, limited quantities and distinctive packaging give these cheeses their unique preciousness.

Ricotta Cheeses

Fresh and aged versions alike stand out for their palatable and balanced taste. Exclusively made from sheep’s milk.

Pasta Filata Cheeses

Spun paste cheeses obtained from cow’s and sheep’s milk curd, ideal for snacking or enhancing tasty dishes.


Sole di Sardegna

Slightly straw yellow in color with small eyes which characterize its unique, enveloping flavor and aroma, and recalls the perfume of the sun-kissed pastures of Sardinia.


From the most traditional to the most original, discover the many ways to accompany cheese, one of the most tasty and inviting foods on our tables.

Scopri le ricette

La Storia

This long tradition of cheese-making came to be in Buddusò and has been carried on professionally, generation after generation by the Mura family.

La Qualità

Sardaformaggi, a synonym for quality, professionalism and excellence since 1963, has been awarded with numerous certifications and rewards.

Il Processo produttivo
The productive process

Quality in raw materials, technological innovation and hand-crafting are some of the distinctive features distinguishing company’s productive process.

Discover the company

A video that tells the story of how Sardaformaggi’s excellence came to be: from milking to  distribution, from Sardinia to the rest of the world.